The property now known as the Ithaca Boat House began as a boat house.  The lower unit was originally the workshop and housed the boat and the upper unit was the wife's artist studio.  There are many unique features that are original to the house.  The large boat wench in the yard was used to pull the boat in from the water and the concrete arrow navigates you to the north.  In the upper unit the kitchen and living room built in book shelves are all original.  

My father purchased the property in the early 90's after it had been vacant for over 10 years.  After consulting with historians and architects, he developed the property in a way that enhanced it's use while still maintaining historical accuracy.  He built the beautiful pergola walkway and the wraparound decks along with transforming the lower unit into a handicapped accessible apartment.  

My father rented the house to long term tenants and did vacation rentals for a few years as well.  After my father passed away, I purchased the property and further refined the Ithaca Boat House into what you see today.   

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The Westmeath Pergola from the Victorian Garden Catalogue is the inspiration behind the pergola at the Ithaca Boat House.